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we now have been exported our product both under our brand chef art as well as oem private label. our products have been exported to various countries around the world usa, australia , new zealand, eu , asian etc. with our certified production standard , efficiency, hygiene and safety , we can assure that the clients /consumers will receive a clean and quality product with accreditations of brc, gmp, haccp standard. proplan industrial co., ltd. was established in 2004 and has since been producing ingredients and seasoning products for food manufacturers in a wide range of needs — from manufacturing businesses, hotel & restaurant chains, and even at home. our facilities were designed to create hygienic conditions and utilities, which were installed with modern and high speed product equipment and technologies. we follow a process that ensures top-quality delivery for all our clients. world-class standards we also implement modern administration
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21/11 - 23/11/2023

I.C.E, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

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